Online Cyber security training for Employees

We help businesses to protect against cyber threats by turning every employee into a human firewall with our effective cyber security training

how we Can help

We help organizations to eliminate the weakest link in the information security chain – human error while ensuring compliance of security standards and continuity of business operations.

GDPR & ISO Compliance

Equip your employees with information security awareness e-training to achieve GDPR & ISO compliance.

Data protection

Reduce the risks of business disruption, financial and reputational damage caused by a cyber attack.


Provide IT awareness training for all your employees as the purchase conditions are very flexible.

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Security incidents consist of human error
Failure to identify phishing attack
Insecure passwords management
Not knowing how to remove viruses
Careless behavior with sensitive information

Why we do it

Most organizations still see cyber security only through the angle of technology. Yet, technological solutions can’t ensure security if employees don’t know what they are fighting against.

Therefore CSA IT security awereness training for employees designed to:


To acquaint your employees with common cyber security risks and teach them how to deal with them properly.


Maintain business continuity and employee productivity while building highly effective human firewalls.

CSA Cyber security training

Phishing Simulations

Examine your staff to see if they recognize social engineering attacks by using our phishing simulation.

Reduce cyber security risks by turning your employees into a human firewall with affordable e-training.

Quizzes & Certificates

Assess your employee knowledge with ready-to-take assessment quizzes and provide a built-in certificate.

The Training Platform​

CSA easy-to-use, integrated IT security training platform is a purpose-built learning management system for various professionals.

Benefits for users


Benefits for Administrators

Why CSA Training Platform?

Our cyber security e-training gives new opportunities for users, HR and IT professionals. The uniqueness of the platform:

Content Updates

Ensure appropriate IT security training by getting up-to-date content to refresh employee knowledge.


Facilitate learning for your staff as this cyber security training provided in Lithuanian language.


Make custom reports with a click to track the progress or demonstrate regulatory compliance.

How the Platform Works

The training provides highly engaging, interactive content designed to address daily cyberse curity risks: identify suspicious communications, detect internal threats and direct to a proper action if a cybersecurity threat is suspected. 


Cyber Security Academy

Cyber Security Academy (CSA) has been working towards a more secure society since 2012 and has already helped hundreds of various professionals to gain and improve their cybersecurity skills.

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